Welcome to Wukania!

Wukania - solidarity terrain from above

Guests are welcome in Wukania. To make time for you, please make a date with the project you are interested in. If you would like to stay overnight in Wukania, please arrange this in advance so that we can organize a suitable place to sleep.

Current Restrictions

At the moment we have to limit our contact possibilities due to Corona and ask you to postpone your visit to get to know us until next year. It would be best if you subscribe to our mailing list and we will let you know when it is more convenient.

Directions to Wukania

A contact form can be found on the page of each project:

Housing projects

There are three housing projects in Wukania: Paradieschen, Bettis and Kinyis. This is where communal living takes place.

Lerning workshop

The Learning Workshop is a non-commercial platform for groups with the motto "Mutual learning instead of education".


The Sissi is a non-commercial group experimentation area for non-capitalist principles.


The Wukantina is a cooking and catering collective located in Wukania.


The Wukaninchen are our nature day nursery for children from the local area.


Wuckizucki offers games and sports for young and old with and without circus, artistics and sometimes horses.

Welcome initiative

The welcome initiatives offer help for refugees.


The Datschies run the shared used weekend cottage in Wukania.

Work yard

Wood, metal, garden and bicycle workshops can be used by everyone after an instruction on our jointly run work yard.


Viwuk offers space, technics and support for realization of video and media projects.